May 30th

Trust your body – know yourself!

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A 3-day workshop dedicated to movement and the body; the body as residence for the soul. We are going to explore matters of posture, position, movement, contact and expression.

Guided by Timos Zechas, Alexandros Ioannou and Zoë Valerie, we will delve into Axis Syllabus, Fascia Therapy, Feldenkrais, Alexander and Ensoma. We will study, explore, experiment and play with these approaches, their differences, similarities and agreements. Our aim is to feel for -and get to know- our own body and, depending on our observations, to seek and shape our personal “system” of empathy and communication with it.

Αt the Stagones Test Site on the east coast of Evia island, Greece, from Friday 21th to Sunday 23rd of June.

Registration by 14th of June.

Information here.

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