Dec 17th

ENSOMA developments

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2018 shifts gears.

Natalie Mandila and Zoë Valerie will co-teach the sessions at Casa Lucia.
Natalie is a teacher and a student of Zoë’s.

From the second week of January Natalie will teach 5 weeks and Zoë 3-day intensives (Friday-Saturday-Sunday).

We propose the existing groups (the Monday, Thursday and Saturday groups) join in to one on Saturday 10-11:30 am.

In the first week of April  Zoë will be available for individual/special sessions and in the second week she will teach a 5-day intensive.
In the meantime she will teach similar intensives in other parts of Greece.

Further information shortly.


Zoë’s up-coming Casa Lucia residencies are:

  • 2-4 February
  • 2-4 March
  • the first half of April

In these residencies she will teach the Saturday morning sessions, individual/special sessions and seminars for all ages.

Happy and full of love New Year.

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