EUDEC (European Democratic Education Conference) is:

EUDEC18 happened in August 2018 in Crete in Greece.

The Conference is a situation where all ages have full voting rights, to a certain extent full civil rights. It is a situation where ages are not systematically differentiated and separated.

EN, an inter-age theatre collective, in collaboration with artists and educators from all over Greece, created EN EUDEC (IN EUDEC) to soak up the potential and share what happens when this potential is safeguarded.

The Conference was for us a celebration of equity in practice.


Our field is art beyond cultural, geographical, social, age and specialization divisions and our structure is based on democratic council without age discrimination. Our tools are theatrical alchemy, creative circus, dance, acrobatics, improvisation, music, song, puppet, shadow and object theater, fine arts and crafts, storytelling and games.


In seven days of interconnected workshops, circles, projects and performances, weaving everything we did into the overall structure of the conference, we practiced democracy outside the frame of adultism.

We are inspired by the potential of our physical, mental and creative skills and by how unlimited their evolution can be. We are particularly concerned with the expansion and cultivation of the creative relationships between ages.

Within the Open Space we had a basecamp where all ages (including babies and toddlers, accompanied or not) spent their time freely or taking part in workshops.

EN EUDEC members are:


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Descriptions here

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