An inter-age theatre collective active in theatre practice, education and research
(in the broadest sense of ‘theatre’)

EN’s members belong to a variety of age groups.
Our fields are: movement, dance, improvisation, circus, contact, music and voice techniques, somatic and therapeutic methods, martial arts and acrobatics.
We create and present performances and educational programs for all ages and offer our structure as an open source model for public use.

Our structure, in terms of composition and in terms of organization in general is based on democratic council without age discrimination and nomadic theory and practice.
Our main tools are open scores, theatrical alchemy, the combination of performances and workshops and the use of various spaces beyond theater spaces.

We are inspired by the potential of our physical, mental and creative skills and by how unlimited their evolution can be. We are particularly concerned with the expansion and cultivation of the creative relationship between ages.

We approach art beyond cultural, geographical, social, age and specialization divisions, making partnerships outside the usual art making process.

We don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing
George Bernard Shaw


A collaboration with artists and educators from all over Greece, as part of EUDEC18 (European Democratic Education Conference) in Crete, Greece, in August 2018.
A celebration of equity in practice. Seven days of interconnected workshops, circles, projects and performances, practicing democracy outside the frame of adultism.

What is democracy from the perspective of young citizens who normally have no say?
What happens when their voices are heard?
What role does art play in all of this?

More about EN EUDEC.

EN at the Spring Academy ’18, April in Corfu, Greece.

ΕΝ with Dimitri Gkogko (kanun), Zoë and Nefeli Valerie (dance), Giorgos Gargalas (beatbox, percussion and live electronica) at the Vida Laska Festival in July ’16, Corfu, Greece.

EN is a EUDEC Start up Group.
For more information please contact us.

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