workshop-interactive performance for ALL ages
with Dimitri Gkogko (kanun), Zoë Valerie (dance), Giorgos Gargalas (beatbox, flute, percussion, live electronica)
at the Vida Laska Festival
photographs: Alexandros Angelakis, George Terzis and Elena Bura



they met years ago • two girls • promised, played, moved apart and now two women • time for their bodies to write the time of the line between
director: shira bejerano
dancers-creators: hagit bar, zoë valerie
music-video: maya bar
photographs: dror sithakol

improvising at arlequi • ‘expressing in movement our natural sense of the obvious and intuitive sense of the obscure’ • julyen hamilton
photos: patrick beelaert

firi firi
with “tris laloun”, Lena Kanta , Thomas Gouzias , Zoë Valerie , “u loveteam ” Eftihia Anifandi and others.
theatrical alchemy and creative circus: themed events, performances, workshops and animation for ages 0-127.
dance and acrobatics in the air and on the earth, music, song, puppet and object theater, interactive story telling and games, circus skills, juggling, stilts, costume making, theatre makeup, tight rope and more.
Photos : M.V.Douka

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