zoë valerie

i grew up in corfu, greece.
in 2002, i completed an MA in Dance Theatre Studies (choreological studies, choreography and education) at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in london.
since then i have lived, taught, danced and studied in holland, spain, portugal, germany, greece, the ukraine, thailand, israel and else where .

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i am informed by
• dance and movement techniques such as limon, axis syllabus, flying low, passing through, contact, yoga, improvisation, physical theatre, theatrical clowning
• body/mind and therapeutic practices such as pilates, t’ai chi ch’uan, alexander, feldenkrais, qiqong, voicing
• martial arts, acrobatics and massage.

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some of my sources of inspiration and learning are frey faust, julyen hamilton, david zambrano, tew bunnag, kenzo kusuda, niskriya-elena kazantzidi, my children and nature.

for the past 20 years i choreograph, dance and teach in educational, artistic and therapy programmes for children, adolescents and adults.
i work with people of all ages with various conditions such as quadriplegia, autism, degenerative neurological diseases, myo-skeletal atrophy, injuries and more.

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i collaborate with musicians, doctors, acrobats, poets, teachers, therapists and schools.
my concerns are: improvisation, instant composition and open scores, art not only for art’s sake, theatrical alchemy, integrating the arts of movement, sound and touch into education and the evolution of our species beyond what we have become accustomed to accept as our human limits.

i regularly travel to the sources of my inspiration in the areas of dance, education and healing.

since 2009 i direct the artistic, educational and cultural projects at  casa lucia with valerie osborne.

in 2017 i co-founded eudec greece, a regional chapter of the european community for democratic education and in 2019 Education Plus, the Greek Association for the support of alternative and Emancipatory Forms of Education.

since 2017 i have been organizing and teaching for the Spring Academy and in 2020 co-founded the Social Cooperative Enterprise “Spring Academy” an Open Intergenerational and Interdisciplinary Learning Community.

detailed CV

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