“Thank you for the work you are doing with me.
Yesterday I felt an opening of my breath. I got back οnto the road to my body. I think this path suits my spiritual path.
This series of sessions is rich and fertile learning. A window has opens on the fact that I have a body and my mind greedily wants to be able to get into its home.
My job teaches me to communicate with words and my life is full of words with which I like to share my ideas and feelings. With these words there is energy that I always thought came from my brain as if it were a separate part of my body.
Today I received energy without words and my body understood it as if it came from ideas and emotions.
New balance, new harmony, I feel more homogeneous.

I feel you give a lot of energy, well controlled, very positive.
The energy that stays with me is grateful for this experience.”


“Recently I had a session in the water with a friend who asked me a question which prompted me to write about some of my experiences with Zoë and Ensoma.
Sophia asked me if I used to dance because she observed that my body in the water was flexible and responded positively to her touch. I laughed and told her that I had nothing to do with dance. I always enjoyed watching others dancing but my movement was always heavy and I was unfit.
In short I had nothing to do with freedom of movement whatsoever.

Since my adolescence I had scoliosis (in combination with kyphosis which built up slowly slowly) which was particularly evident and in my 50s caused huge problems; mainly pain but also aesthetically. My neck problems caused me dizziness and pain. Periarthritis and tendonitis appeared in my right shoulder which immobilized the arm with pain and eventually the liquid in it had to be removed so that I could use it minimally.

With this ‘dowry’ I began individual sessions with Zoë, six years ago.
I knew nothing about her work except that it was not the usual fitness training which was a motivation for me as my experience with the gym or exercise classes was not good.
When I lay on the floor for the first time I realized the extent of my body’s deformation.

It took a lot of pillows for me to be able to lie on my back without suffering from the pain in the back and the neck. The most impressive thing for me was that a pillow had to go under the left side of the back for the body to balance without leaning to the left and to reduce pain.

These are just a few things to do only with the body. There were psychological blockages leading to my rigidity with various “musts” and “donts” that we carry from our childhood.

During these years of cooperation with Zoë in individual and group sessions, my shoulder went back to normal without pain and stiffness, within the first six months. The kyphosis has almost disappeared, my posture has changed considerably (this I hear mostly from people who know me since I was a child) and my psychology has also changed significantly. My breath has been freed and acts as a painkiller and an antidepressant.

I feel that year by year through Ensoma I am learning to listen and respect the needs of my body (which was always talking to me but I did not listen until it started screaming with severe pain and deafened me) and it repays me with less pain and more flexibility, joy and well-being.

Ensoma is one of the enlightened paths I chose in my adult life to connect with the good parts of my prenatal and childhood body memory because everyone’s truth is somewhere there deep inside our cellular memory. (There you have the dancing in the water…and maybe on land too…)

Thank you so much Zoë for the guidance, thank you Ensoma. You make miracles happen!!!!!”

“My first session with Zoë was about six years ago, when my body was on the limit of collapse with serious issues with my gastrointestinal system.

Looking back, after six years, I can see and appreciate how much my body and consequently my life has changed. I learned how to be conscious with my body, how to listen to it, and observe all the messages it sends to me.  And then how to adjust my habits of walking, sitting, standing and thinking, all unconscious attitudes that create discomfort in my body, and all the things I was used to tolerate. Ι started to perceive the totality of my body and how the different organs and parts interact.

It happened gradually through the self observation that I was encouraged to do by Zoë, with her relaxed, patient, loving and encouraging presence.  In my individual and group sessions I realized the unconscious tensions I was creating through observing, playing, dancing, moving and conscious breathing. I rediscovered my childhood joy of movement and dancing. I started playing again!

The most amazing thing about Ensoma for me is that it gives you the tools to heal yourself, and maintain your health, to work with your tensions and habits. Zoe guides softly, with care, she works with the body and at the same time she encourages you to participate, so you are an active part of the healing process, not just a passive receptor. In this way you learn things about your body and you discover things for yourself.

Through this valuable work I realized that we have the potential for healing. This was amazing news for me, working with my blockages in all levels; I never took any medicine again for my stomach problems. My perception of my body changed, and my perception and sensitivity for others also changed.  I learned that our body has its own wisdom and I started to trust this wisdom. Τhank you Zoë for this wonderful journey!”

“I hadn’t realized how much I tightened my body in order to be upright and that by doing this I was abusing it causing back pain, neck pain and headaches. I learned to relax it and so my muscles relaxed and my body became more agile.
I realized my mistakes in my movements when I sit and when I walk because I started feeling my body. Pain has reduced, my body feels more alive, I move more freely, without tension and because of this I can move quickly and lightly. The main thing is that I feel my breathing, I watch and play with it and now when I am stressed, angry or tensed a big spontaneous inhalation and an exhalation with sound brings me a different, optimistic and relaxed mood, even a good sleep!”


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